The Fruit of the Spirit – Carrying God’s Presence

In today’s message, I would like to explore how God and His presence affected people throughout history.

Take Moses, for example. After spending time with God on Mount Sinai, his face glowed so much that the Israelites couldn’t even look at him.

Back then, God interacted with people through extraordinary events and miracles, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. Even though they didn’t have the Holy Spirit like we do today, their experience with God brought about significant changes.

How did these people know God was with them? The wisdom found in the “Fruits of the Spirit” from Galatians 5:22-23 gives us some profound insights.

Firstly, there’s Love. Love, as the main sign of God’s presence, showed up in their relationships with family, friends, and other believers. It proved that God was shaping their character.

Next is Joy. This genuine and lasting joy came from their connection with God, giving them a positive attitude even in tough times.

Then, there’s Peace. God’s presence brought a peace that was hard to understand logically, giving comfort in the middle of life’s chaos.

Patience became a virtue, a clear change from being easily annoyed to becoming patient, thanks to the Holy Spirit’s work.

Kindness went beyond self-interest. The real kindness, inspired by the Holy Spirit, meant helping others without being taken advantage of—a principle that applied across different historical periods.

Goodness represented a moral trait reflecting God’s goodness, shaped by the transformative work of the Holy Spirit.

Faithfulness was proof of loyalty to God, not just in belief but in consistent choices aligned with His teachings.

Meekness, or humility, was crucial. People humbly accepted God’s influence instead of becoming proud.

Lastly, Self-Control showed believers’ ability to manage their emotions, desires, and impulses—a sign of divine empowerment from the Holy Spirit.

These Fruits of the Spirit were connected and grew stronger as people walked in faith. The more they let the Holy Spirit work in them, the more obvious God’s presence became in their lives. As we think about these timeless principles, let’s try to understand and live them out, recognizing the lasting impact of God’s influence through the ages.

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