Our mission is to follow the example of Jesus Christ and share His love, grace, and kindness to all. We want to give hope, love, and the message of salvation to those who are struggling and feeling spiritually empty. We aim to help those who are held back by physical, emotional, or spiritual burdens and help them find a path to forgiveness and reconciliation. Additionally, we assist those who are spiritually lost in discovering their purpose, identity, and freedom through God’s Word. Our main objective is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and come alongside those individuals who are lost, weary, and broken by the trials and challenges of life.

Proclaiming the Good News to the Poor:

We are commited to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing hope, love, and the message of salvation to those who are poor in spirit and are emotionally, spiritually, or physically in need. Our goal is to strengthen and uplift individuals, families, and communities by helping to provide available resources, support, and Biblical guidance necessary to fulfill their needs.

Announcing Release and Forgiveness:

We understand how difficult life can be when a person feels bound, whether it’s physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Our goal is to help people find hope, forgiveness, and healing, so they can escape those chains that bind and experience the unfailing love that Jesus Christ offers them through His forgiveness and acceptance.

Providing Sight to the Blind:

Much like how Jesus restored sight to the physically blind, we are equally dedicated to helping those who are spiritually blind, those who have lost their way, to help them see the beauty and freedom found through God’s truth, purpose, and love. It is our desire that they may lay hold of the hope in Christ set before them and through this hope set an anchor that is sure and steadfast for their souls. Ref: Hebrews 6:18-19

Setting Free the Oppressed:

Our hearts go out to those facing trials, tribulation, and adversity. We endeavor to be God’s hands extended in the areas of transformation, healing, restoration, and renewal. It is with great anticipation and hope that our mission and daily commitment would be that of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ by spreading His love and grace to everyone God places in our path.

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