Finding Balance in Our Busy Lives


Imagine a hamster spinning on its wheel, always looking busy but not really getting anywhere.

Psalm 39:6 says, “We are just moving shadows, and all our rushing around leads to nothing” (NLT). It’s like the hamster running but not really getting anywhere. While the hamster gets exercise and lives longer, we might end up tired, stressed, and not feeling great in different ways.

Think about your day – you’ve got about 16 hours for work, play, and responsibilities (if you sleep the eight hours doctors recommend). Sometimes, we feel we need to work really hard to be happy and successful.

In Psalm 39, David talks about asking God to help him remember how short life is. He says we’re like shadows or a breath – it means our time here is short. Once we understand this, we can see that being super busy might not be the most important thing.

So, how can we apply this to our busy lives? Let’s ask God for help and remember that each day is a gift. Instead of just chasing after things that don’t really matter, let’s appreciate what we have and not get caught up in the rush.

Lord, help us see things the way you do. Show us how to use our time wisely and not get too caught up in busy stuff. Thanks for each day and help us find what really matters.

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